R.C. Construction Company




The Subcontractor acknowledges and agrees that these pricing documents are preliminary, general, and incomplete. The pricing documents in no way limits the scope of work required by Subcontractor to meet its design and construction responsibilities to provide and perform a complete scope of work that meets all the requirements of the prime contract and RFP.

Furthermore, the Subcontractor is responsible for review of all project documents (pricing documents and RFP) and for all work as pertains to their scope of work required by all of the project documents. All of the documents included in the above folders on RC’s website are incorporated by reference and will be made part of any resultant subcontract.

The Subcontractor is responsible for checking RC’s website for all Amendments prior to bid day.


Subcontractor agrees not to disclose to third parties in writing, orally, or in any other form, any information or material associated with the pursuit of the Project and the proposal, including, but not limited to designs, plans estimates, systems, narratives, strategies, renderings , computations, reports, qualifications, schedules, prices, mark-ups, multipliers, practices, overhead rates, rental rates, photographs, models, quantities, programs, work product, and other pertinent documents and data.

From time to time during the course of association between RC and the subcontractor confidential and/or proprietary information to the other (“the Recipient”).The Recipient agrees not to disclose confidential or proprietary information to others without the express consent of the Disclosing Party.  Any documents contain such confidential and/or proprietary information whether in hard form or electronic form shall be returned to the Disclosing Party or destroyed upon the project being awarded to another Offeror or the completion of the Project if awarded, which ever last occurs.

Subcontractor agrees that the confidential information is of a special and unique character and that disclosure of such information in violation of the Confidentiality Agreement may irreparably harm the contractor.  Subcontractor agrees if such confidential information is disclosed, contractor shall be entitled to seek injunctive relief to further prevent use and/or disclosure in addition to other remedies available to it in law or in equity for breach of the Confidentiality Agreement.

By proceeding with downloading of the pricing documents the subcontractor agrees to these terms and conditions.