R.C. Construction Company

Roof Repair

Project Location: Fort Stewart, GA

Project Size: Approximately $3,145,592.00

Project Manager: Zeb O'Bryant


Work for this project includes:

Retrofitting metal roof attachments, framing, roof panels, soffits, and fascia.  All work will be installed in accordance with manufacturers printed instruction and in compliance with standard roofing practices as defined by the National Roofing Contractors Association manuals.  The roof systems will be fully ventilated.  Existing ballast (if any exists) will be removed.  Existing roof systems and insulation will remain in place and watertight.  Contractor will ensure all attic spaces have proper fire preventive measures in place in accordance with latest building codes.  Only roof penetrations allowed are plumbing.  Contractor will prepare detailed shop drawings necessary for the effective construction of the work to include the engineer's design of the retrofit sloping truss system with supporting documents.  Shop drawings shall be stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer.  Design drawings for the following buildings are attached: Bldg. 223, Bldg. 507, Bldg. 509, Bldg. 520, Bldg. 521, Bldg. 818, and Building 819.  All work shall be performed in accordance with the contract specifications, manufacturer's recommendations, national and state building costs.