R.C. Construction Company

Reception Station Barracks

Project Location: Fort Benning, GA

Project Size: Approximately $15,077,097.00

Project Manager: Zeb O'Bryant


Work for this project includes:

Provide all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to complete the design and renovation construction of failed and failing components of the existing Bldg. 3035, Reception Station Barracks.  The building systems scheduled for repair include roof, some exterior walls, windows, fire protection, interior walls, doors, insulation, interior finish, finish floors, new fire access lane ceilings, plumbing, HVAC, HVAC controls, electrical, mechanical and building information systems.  Any mold present will be removed from the building.  Existing concrete within the building footprint will be repaired/replaced and refinished to make look like new.  New infill brick will match existing as closely as possible.  Work will also include necessary site grading, storm, drainage, concrete troop walks and stabilization.