R.C. Construction Company

Repair Taxiway Delta


Project Location: Joint Base Charleston- Air Base, Charleston, SC

Project Size: $11.5 Million

Project Manager: Randy Scott



Work for this project includes: Full depth replacement of approximately 3,000 of Taxiway Delta.  Removal of existing concrete pavement, which will be crushed for reuse as base course under new pavement sections.  New pavement section includes crushed concrete base course, cement stabilized drainage layers, and 17" PCC pavement.  Also included is replacement of an existing transits water line, replacement of this existing edge drain system along Taxiway Delta, CIPP lining of existing storm drain pipes, replacement of taxiway edge lighting and airfield signage system along Taxiway Delta, replacement and addition of asphalt shoulders along full length of Taxiway Delta, joint reseal, spall repair, and full depth slab replacement along a portion of Taxiway Delta, and new pavement markings along the full length of the taxiway.