R.C. Construction Company

Repair Green Ramp, South

Project Location: Pope AAF, NC

Project Size: Approximatelty $19.9 Million

Project Manager: Randy Scott


Work for this project includes:

Repair by replacing Southern portion of GREEN Ramp, approximately 119,000 square yards of concrete pavement with new concrete at full depth.  The new section shall be 16 inches of concrete, over a 5 inch drainage layer, over a 4 inch separation layer.  Design also includes the replacement of the existing storm drainage network under the southern portion of GREEN Ramp.  Design and construct the replacement of the entire fuel loop, including hydrant pits.  Include new mooring points for mission aircraft and other associated aircraft which could utilize Green Ramp.  Restripe and mark pavements according to aircraft parking layout. Excavation which uncovers contaminated soil beneath the GREEN Ramp will be disposed of properly or replaced according to environmental laws and regulations.