R.C. Construction Company

Rail Loading Facility

Ft. Benning, GA

Project Size:


Scope of Work:

Construct railroad tracks including switching system, ballast and cross ties adjacent to the Norfolk Southern right-of-way railroad that lies within the Ft. Benning military reservation and south of the area known as "Ochille Junction." Site location is northwest of the existing rail loading facility. Total length of the track is to be 3.98 miles. Supporting facilities include access road to construction site, area lighting, and removal of existing ties and switches as needed.

Key Personnel:                                                       

Zeb O'Bryant, Project Manager


Chris Carter, Superintendent


Bob Watts, Quality Control Manager


Making Progress


         Excavation for a new 26' tall headwall              


           Mass Grading Cut/Fill operation

            Sub-grade preparation for new loading spur




R.C. Construction will implement an EROSION CONTROL PLAN in accordance with the USGBC LEED rating system for new construction. Furthermore, R.C. will utilize local/regional and biobased materials for this project, including but not limited to:


R.C. Awarded for Safety