R.C. Construction Company

Repair Blue Ramp

Project Location: Pope Army Airfield, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

Project Size:

Approximately $10 Million

Key Personnel:

Assistant Project Manager:  Randy Scott


Superintendent:  Jerry Girvan


CQC Mangager / SSHO: Vince Sottile



Scope of Work:

R.C. will repair and replace approximately 118,000 SY of concrete pavements, with new concrete at full depth. The scope of work includes new drainage course under new concrete, and base course beneath drainage course. Existing pavement, fuel hydrant pits and associated piping beneath Blue Ramp will be demolished. R.C. will include mooring points for mission aircraft and other associated aircraft that utilize Blue Ramp. Pavements will be striped and marked according to aircraft parking layout. If excavation uncovers contaminated soil beneath Blue Ramp, the contaminated soils will be properly disposed or replaced according to environmental laws and regulations.


R.C. Construction maintains an ardent commitment to environmental protection and the prevention and control of pollution and habitat disruption that may occur to the environment during construction. R.C. considers land, water, air, and biological and cultural resources; manages visual aesthetics; manages noise; solid, chemical, gaseous, and liquid waste; radiant energy and radioactive material as well as other pollutants in order to control environmental pollution and damage.