R.C. Construction Company

Good Hope Training Area Bridges


Project Location:  Fort Benning, GA

Project Size:

Approximately $2.2 Million

Project Manager:

Zeb O'Bryant

Work for this project include:  

The contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to complete the construction of the five (5) M1A1 Tank maneuver bridge crossings in AO South of the Good Hope Maneuver Area at Ft. Benning, GA.  Per the completed design, remove the articulated concrete block and riprap approaches, stabilize the ground for construction, install the new bridge crossing structures, and reestablish a stable construction site.  Connect approaches with the existing roads and reinforce the erodible soils in the traffic lanes.  Support facilities include site grading, drainage, and stabilization.  The apporaches will facililate and environmentally sustain crossing of the streams by the maneuver forces that currently must use low water crossings to get through the water.



For this project we will be salvaging all of the existing Articulated block and rip rap to be turned over to the Post and reused in the area at a later time.