R.C. Construction Company

Repair Silver Ramp


Project Location: Pope AAF, NC

Project Size:

Approximately $4.4 Million

Project Manager:

Randy Scott



Work for this project includes:

Repair by replacing Silver Ramp, approximately 30,000 SY of concrete pavements, with new concrete at full depth.  Include new drainage course under new concrete , and base course beneath drainage course.   Demolish existing pavement.  Include new mooring points for mission aircraft and other associated aircraft which could utilize Silver Ramp.  Stripe and make pavements according to aircraft parking layout. Excavation which uncovers contaminated soil beneath the Silver Ramp will be disposed of properly or replaced according to environmental laws and regulations. 



Silver Ramp Team holds "Draw Down": kick off meeting

Who's the safety gun on Silver Ramp?  We'll find out in a few weeks when we draw for our "Draw Down" top prize and the title "Pistolero". "Draw Down" is our western themed safety incentive contest that rewards our employees for safe work practices.  This is our innovated approach for recognizing employees who work smart, safe and are willing to mentor their fellow workers and participate directly with risk identification and mitigation.  Contestants control their own destiny, the more they contribute to our safety program, the more chances they have to win cash and prizes.  Everyone's gunning for the top spot while promoting safety and having fun!