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MCIA Lifetime Achievment Award

December 16, 2013

President John Powers was presented with the Mississippi Concrete Industries Association (MCIA) Hall of Fame Lifetime Acheivment Award during an awards ceremony  December 4th at the Old Capital Inn in Jackson, MS. 

Mr. John Powers began his career more than 40 years in the construction industry as a field superintendent at his father’s general contracting firm, ACS Construction in Greenwood. Powers rose through the ranks and eventually became Vice President.
While at ACS, he oversaw many projects for the Department of Defense, including vertical construction, water and wastewater treatment plants, and concrete airfield pavements.

In 1986, Powers started R.C. Construction Company. Over the past 25 years, the company has built its reputation as a well-respected concrete pavements contractor.

Powers has overseen the placement of several million square yards of airfield concrete pavements. Powers has served in numerous capacities with the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA), notably working with the Federal Aviation Administration in the oversight and implementation of pavement technology.

Powers is past Chairman of the Airport Committee of the Southeast chapter of ACPA, and is presently a member of its Board of Directors.   Congratulations John!!

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