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"Draw Down" Winner James Williams receives the "Pistolero" title

September 19, 2014

Our Safety Incentive Program contest "Draw Down" drew to its conclusion today on the Silver Ramp project at Ft. Bragg, N.C..  Since May of this year, this fast paced project has logged over 24,000 safe, accident free man hours.  After the smoke cleared, the title of the "Pistolero" was awarded to James Williams.  Apparently it was James's lucky day, not only did he win a cash prize totaling $450, his wife gave birth to a pair of healthy twins, a son, Shamar and his sister, Simone.  When asked how he felt about winning the prize money James simply said "I can sure use it", Congratulations James!!  

*You can find details of our innovated Safety Incentive Program contest "Draw Down" in the "Safety News" section of our website.



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