Combat Aircraft Parking Area

Project Location:

Combat Aircraft Parking Area

Project Location:

Hurlburt Field, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

Project Size:

$30.068 Million

Project Manager:

Jay Filkins and Danny Farmer

Work for this project includes:

This project is required to construct a combat aircraft parking apron in support of the arrival of twenty-one AC-130J aircraft by FY25. The AC-130J brings new 1.1 and 1.2.X Hazard Class munitions loading requirements to Hurlburt that do not presently exist on legacy gunship aircraft. These new loading requirements drive an additional parking apron that is suited for the Net Explosive Weight/ Quantity Distance (NEW/QD) associated with these new munitions.

Also included is supporting utilities such as storm drainage, subdrainage, water, sewer, force main, electrical distribution and communications. The site is between 25 and 30 acres and this area had to be cleared and mulched. Approximately 500,000 tons of select sand material is imported to the site to provide stabilization for the supporting concrete pavement apron and asphalt shoulders. There is 54,000 sq. yds of 6” and 15” concrete pavements with GABC underneath along with 36,000 sq. yds of asphalt pavements and shoulders with GABC underneath.

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